Headteacher's Weekly Bulletin

Friday 5th February 2016

Good afternoon

Do you want the good news or the bad news, as they say?  Well, the first bit of good news follows the Bowdon Youth Festival Choir Competition at Bowdon Church yesterday evening, and you can read all about that under the Music section.  Second bit of good news is that I managed to stay upright on my commute into School this week and the aches, pains, cuts and bruises have practically healed.  The pride is still dented.  Thank you to those of you who have expressed concern this week (even those who were smirking at the time!).  My ‘woes’ were added to last Friday evening when I arrived home, however; still a little sore from the morning’s traumatic events, I was greeted by my mother-in-law who was round for tea.  I bid a half-hearted greeting and promptly took myself off for a long soak in a hot bath, armed with a bottle (or two) of continental lager (for medicinal purposes, of course).  Half an hour later, the painful memories had all but vanished … and the mother-in-law had gone home. 

In terms of the bad news, and I apologise for bringing a touch of sadness to what is ordinarily, indeed invariably, a joyous bulJoey GerbilIMG_2450.JPGletin, but I thought it only proper, as a mark of respect, to announce publicly a bereavement in Mrs Cooper’s (Assistant Head) household; the premature death of Joey the gerbil!  It would appear that Mrs Cooper herself has been far more deeply affected by the loss than her 5 year old daughter and we have had to counsel her through the week.  I thought it a little strange a few months ago when Mr Fenwick, Mrs Shelley and I picked Mrs Cooper up on the way to a conference and as she close the front door of her house behind her, she shouted, “Goodbye Joey! See you tomorrow!”  Knowing the names of both her husband and daughter, we looked at each other rather puzzled; was this a lodger, a visiting family member / friend?  We were subsequently informed that Miss was addressing her gerbil and conversation between the two was perfectly normal.  So, the trauma caused by Joey’s sudden and premature passing should really come as no great surprise.  Our condolences are extended to the Cooper family.

Can I give you early notice of the PSA Race Night to be held in School on Thursday the 24th March?  This event has been a huge success since introduced to the PSA social calendar two years ago and I hope we can increase the numbers in attendance and the amount raised for our youngsters.  We are currently contacting various ‘partners’ of Wellington to sponsor one of the 8 races for £50 and we will also be asking parents and others to buy a horse for £5, which will give each owner a 1 in 8 chance of running away with the £50 spoils.  It was rather embarrassing last year when two of my horses won and I ended up with £100 winnings!  Before I hear cries of ‘Fix!’, I would like to add that £50 went into the Pastoral Managers’ curry fund and the rest went back into my son’s money box from where I had ‘borrowed’ an amount earlier in the week.

Can I also take this opportunity to alert any parents who were unaware that Year 12 and 13 mocks begin on 22nd February and the Year 11 second mocks on the 29th February.  Yes, it does only seem two minutes since the first set of GCSE mocks but these exams will be a true indicator both of progress since the Autumn Term and of what needs to be done in the remaining few months.  I would encourage all students involved to plan carefully their revision schedule over half term and in the following weeks.  Good luck to all.

Design & Technology

“It’s that time again where KS3 students rotate to their next subject,” so Mrs Booth tells us, “and I have an array of fantastic work  that has been created in Product Design but I thought I would let a few of the students tell you about what they have been doing for the last 1MBH R Sykes.JPG0 weeks”:

Ruby Sykes 7NWT - “Mr Beeley, in Product Design this rotation, I have made a toy boat. I have designed this boat with young boys in mind. I think that this boat will suit this young age range and gender because of its theme: Vikings. During this practical, I have learnt many new skills such as sawing with both a Tenon saw and coping saw. I found that using a Tenon saw was quite difficult because it hurts your arms and takes a while, but I was resilient!  I also had to use the belt sander and had to use the Pillar drill to create a hole for the wheels to go through. Overall I think my toy came out well and I am very proud of it. However, if I were to redo this project, I would have chosen a boat which made me challenge myself a little more such as adding a crow’s nest.”

Mr Tarry, our very handy Chair of Governors who is passionate about D & T, will be delighted with the references to all the new machinery that he had a hand in selecting and installing.

JMBH J Gee.JPGennifer Gee 8SCE - “Over the last 10 weeks in Product Design we have been designing novelty clocks. My clock is a fashion magazine it is aimed at girls’ age 13+. I enjoyed the project, as I thought it was fun having free reign on what type of clock we wanted to do and who it was for. I thought the hardest part was cutting theMBH Year 11.jpg mascara brush as it is made up of small intricate pieces of acrylic if I were to repeat this project I would probably improve my cutting skills especially some of the more intricate pieces.”

Thank you, girls, for updating me on your fantastic efforts.  I’ll pop down to Tech at some point to take a look.

Mrs Booth continues, “Also, I thought I’d show you how well some of the Year 11 Product Design students are progressing here a just a few of the products finished so far.  These range from lighting, clocks, storage units and docking stations inspired by Bauhaus, Art Deco & the Memphis Design Group.”


Mr Williams writes, “8.5a have been studying Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night' over the last few weeks and, to borrow a line from the play, have “achieved greatness” in a number of learning activities they’ve completed. We've focused on the character of Malvolio in the play and debated whether he deserves the way he's treated by other characters; the general consensus from the class was that he is more sinned against than sinning (but also that he doesn't help himself)! We've also come up with alternative titles for the play, as suggested by Shakespeare's full title for it: 'Twelfth Night, Or What You Will'. Suggestions put forward by the students included 'Topsy Turvy', 'The Fools' and 'All Things Come to an End’. The work I most enjoyed from the class was their incredibly detailed analysis of Sir Andrew's famous line of  ‘I was adored once too’ (it's my favourite line in all of Shakespeare’s plays). Greatness indeed!”

News from Miss Tedford,  "My year 8 class (8.1b) have been studying war poetry this half term and have written some outstanding poetry- both pro-war and anti-war. Four pupils in particular won my ‘war poetry competition’ and received chocolate for their efforts.  Congratulations to the winners, they are as follows: Ewan Clarke (JGS), Alex Dearden (LML), Emily Read (SPR) and Zainab Shather (SCE). Finally, I would also like to congratulate everyone in 81b for their enthusiasm and efforts with this challenging yet interesting topic!"


Miss English has always been one of our most eager contributors, a reflection of her passion for her subject and the school, and here she is with her latest offering:

“This week I have been looking at the One Child Policy with my Year 9 classes. The policy has been relaxed slightly this year and so people in China are now allowed two children, if they have a girl first. I just want to say how impressed I am at the maturity of some of the students I have taught, they have very eloquently given their views and opinions (both through a silent debate and an actual talking one) despite some of the consequences being quite difficult to imagine. The reports from 9.7 in particular, that I marked last night were very well detailed and presented a non-biased view. These are the skills that we expect to see from our GCSE Geographers so I am very impressed.”

“On another note, I would just like to mention how interesting it has been to go around Year 9 tutor groups over the last few weeks talking about how much I love Geography!! It turns out I am not the only one and a lot of them really seemed interested by our GCSE course. The students were fantastic and contributed to the tutor challenge with some fantastic suggestions – I would like to add that 9GBN won the challenge working out that the map shows ‘The world’s major tourist destinations’. The box of chocolates will be with you on Monday Mrs Brown!”


“In Britberger, the largest town in the Kingdom of Smortbeard, a long, long time ago, a loud, sinister rumbling was heard. This sound alerted the young people for miles around that the Giant Bebothered was up to his old tricks.  They ran up to the town hall at Britberger just in time to see a Proclamation posted outside the Town Hall.  ‘Bebothered has kidnapped the palace sprites and stolen the palace treasures.  He MUST be caught! Wizard Ormalu calls on all Apprentices to Right this Wrong.’  Last Friday a group of year 9 apprentices set about completing a series of mathematical tasks in small groups in a race to win the treasure (crunchies), they had to draw upon their knowledge in algebra, number facts, exchange rates and sequences to complete their mission.  This was the first in a series of functional skills lessons organized for the groups to inject something a bit different into their maths lessons last thing on a Friday and it was very well received.  All of the pupils worked extremely hard but there can be only one winner…well done to Oliver Tero, Alexia Gordon and Denae Clark!”

Sounds fabulous, Mrs Nolan, but isn’t that 3 winners?!

The weekly Mathemagician wniners from Miss Hicks on behalf of the Maths department:

“This week’s Key Stage 4 awards go to Courteney Cummings (MGN) in class 11.8. Miss Latham wished to say that ‘Courteney’s attitude towards learning maths is excellent, her perseverance with difficult topics and her positive attitude towards revision is exemplary.’ Well done, Courteney. Secondly, we have Harrison Arrowsmith (GHN) in class 10.4. Mr Kennedy added ‘Harrison is a pleasant, polite pupil who always makes a positive contribution in maths lessons. He always joins in with the questioning at the start of the lesson and has a great homework record. His hard work paid off with a pleasing result in the winter exam.’  Well done to both of our Key Stage 4 nominees, keep up the hard work.

Moving on to KS3 and this week we have Cameron Michington-Edwards (CCE) in class 9.9. Mr Kennedy wanted to say that ‘Cameron continues to impress me with his positive attitude in Maths. Cameron has shown good mental ability skills during starter activities and always completes classwork and homework to a high standard. He has made a smooth transition onto the KS4 scheme of work’.  Well done, Cameron, and keep up the hard work. Our final nomination goes to Sinead McColl (HCR) in Miss Cradick’s 7.5a class. Miss Cradick said ‘Sinead is a really enthusiastic member of the class. Sinead puts 100% effort into all her classwork and can be counted upon to explain her mathematical ideas confidently.’ Congratulations Sinead, high praise indeed.

Well done to all of our Mathemagicians for this week.”


Love is in the air on the MFL corridor and on our Instagram site (see picture)!  The corridor is beginning to look fantastic with the fabulous workAWS MFL.jpg students have been producing.  More to follow on this in next week’s bulletin.

Other MFL news:  Annabel, a German Erasmus student, has joined the department this week.  She, together with Christine (our German Assistant), Suzanna (our Spanish Assistant) and Sara (our French Assistant) will be supporting a wide variety of classes, introducing learners to French, German and Spanish culture and providing our language-loving students with plenty of speaking practice.  We also have two wonderful opportunities in School this coming week to broaden language horizons even further!  Mrs Campbell is coordinating a Spanish student exchange programme for students of Spanish in Years 8 and 9.  All interested students should see Mrs Campbell as soon as possible.  Our second opportunity is for Year 9 and 10 students; we are lucky enough to be able to offer a five session ‘taster course’ beginning after half term in Ancient Greek!  These courses have proved immensely enjoyable and successful in the past, when we have offered Russian and Arabic.  Places will be limited, so anyone interested (perhaps budding historians out there!) should see Mrs Allen or Mrs Williams as soon as possible.


Sing with 7sIMG_9166.JPG“Congratulations,” from Mrs Moorhouse, “and a huge well done to Sing and Sing with 7s for their Sing.JPGperformances as part of the Senior Choir Class at Bowdon Youth Festival. Sing were in 1st place and Sing with 7s came a very close 2nd, winning a trophy themselves for the most entertaining performance for their rendition of ‘Everything Is Awesome’ from the Lego movie. They were so ‘awesome’ that the adjudicator asked them to close the evening with a repeat performance! I also would like to thank Sing who despite my constant moaning and whinging and exceptional high standards never let me down. They reminded me last night how amazing they are and I know I don’t say this often enough to them – well done, that was really good (that’s as good as my compliments get!).”


This from Mrs Taylor-Crooke:  “Amazing conference today.  The students were truly captivated by the guest speakers but our favourites by far were Professor David Wilson, one of the UK’s most influential public criminologist, star of ITV’s Bring back Borstal and presenter of Channel LTC.jpg5’s ‘Killer psychopaths’ and Professor Donal MacIntyre.  Donal is a high profile investigative journalist, specialising in undercover operations and television exposés.  Donal is also a visiting professor in Criminology at Birmingham City University. Well known for his films and documentaries including ‘A Very British Gangster’, Donal discussed his numerous undercover operations from Chelsea football hooligans to something a little closer to home the notorious Noonan Manchester gang.

The day finished with a Q&A with Noel ‘Tazor’ Smith, one of the UK’s most prolific ex bank-robbers.  Noel shared his life story very openly.

It was at this latter part of the day that the students and myself really began to discuss the Nature vs Nurture argument regarding the Societal issue of Criminality.  A trip that has left us with plenty of food for thought.”

Here is a picture with Professor David Wilson after Mrs Taylor-Crooke and Lucia Gervis had purchased personalised signed copies of his latest book .

Sports News

Year 7 Rugby

Sporting their brand new kit, kindly donated by building contractors, Conlon’s, the Year 7 rugby team travelled the short distance to St Ambrose for the second time this season. The outcome was the same, a defeat, but the performance was much improved.  It was true try-fest with the score ending 43-30.  A number of the tries conceded were down to naivety borne out of a lack of rugby playing experience, so it would be wrong to be overly critical. With more game time and concentration at training these issues will be resolved in time.  Overall I was delighted with the boys’ endeavours.  Max Nickou and Ethan Steward were once again outstanding.  Pleasingly, playing on a 4G pitch, our new kit remained immaculate – a victory in itself.

Year 7 girls’ footballDMY Man United pic.JPG

Miss MacGlinchey reports: “The team took part in the Manchester United U13 girls tournament yesterday at the Cliff in Salford. Unfortunately, they came up against a few bigger and stronger Year 8's but the experience will stand them in good stead for next year’s competition. They played 7 games with only a few minutes rest between each so physically it was tough going! They played teams from all across Manchester - beating Manchester Academy, Broadoak, MCMA and Ambrose Barlow. The girls won 4 games and lost 3. Numerous goals came from Milly Clayton (our captain, and birthday girl!), Maizy Price, Katy Worthington and Lucy Kilvert. The girls gave it their all and had a good day of sport.”

Year 9 boys’ football

From Mr Tomlinson: “The squad is shaping up well for the attack on both competitions after February half term. The most pleasing thing is that other students within Year 9 are coming to football practice now just to improve their footballing ability with the team and without them training wouldn't be the same, so I thank them for their attendance. The after school training session on Tuesday was sharp and focussed and the buzz amongst the squad is there for all to see. Come on boys, we can do it!”

As I have said previously, we are confident of silverware this year, so we eagerly await the resumption of the football season

Year 7 Basketball

Talking of potential silverware, “The semi- final has been arranged for next Tuesday and we play Sale Grammar at home which will be a very tough fixture. We have had to wait four weeks for the other league to finish their fixtures so have been training each week and we wait to see if this will be advantageous in that we will be fresher but a disadvantage in the fact that we haven't played a competitive fixture for a while.”

Let’s hope the boys have plenty of support on Tuesday so we can maximise home advantage.

Year 7

Also from Mr Tomlinson, “It has been a pleasure walking around school every Friday morning looking into Year 7 and 10 tutor bases, watching young people talking about their progress within education. The Year 10's have been leading sessions with the Year 7 students based on what skills they possess, character traits for learning, how to sort out problems they encounter, organisation, resilience and responsibility. Each session they have to agree on an action plan for the Year 7 student to focus on the following week. We are up to Session 7 out of 10 and seeing young people talking to each other and engaging in constructive conversation has been extremely gratifying to witness.”

Thank you to Mr Tomlinson and all the staff who have taken time out to run activities and let us know about them this week.  At a time when parents’ evenings, extra lessons and so much more is going, I appreciate the demands on your time.

Well, here we go again all you rugby fans!  Whether you are Mrs Hoogenberg, Mrs Campbell (née Mille), Mrs Moorhouse or any other of our colleagues, parents or students from one of the 6 nations, there will something and somebody to cheer for this weekend.  A new dawn for England or is it too early to say with a new coach and just two weeks with his squad?  Anyway, it’s all to play for.  Great sporting week already:  United have found some creativity and a cutting edge and Warrington Wolves won the first Super League fixture of the season away at reigning champions Leeds Rhinos last night.  Could it be a hat-trick with an England victory in Scotland tomorrow evening.  Fingers crossed. 

Have a great weekend.

S P Beeley




Examination Results - August 2015

Congratulations to all the fabulous students and staff of Wellington School on another successful year of examination results.

It has been an emotion-filled morning as Year 11 students collected their GCSE results, with a record-equalling 76% achieving 5 A* - C including English and Maths (a figure set to increase over the coming weeks with closer analysis and requests for re-marks).

We are proud of each and every one of our Year 11 students and they should be proud of what they have achieved and how far they have come.  There are far too many personal success stories to quote here.  11 students this year got a full house of A* or A grades - a remarkable achievement.

These outstanding GCSE results follow last week's equally impressive A2 and AS Level results.  Our Year 13s once again did fantastically well with an increase in A* - E grades but particularly in the numbers achieving the highest A* - B grades.  Our Year 12 students exceeded their and our expectations, securing the School's best ever AS figures, which bodes well for A Levels in 2016!

Well done to everyone at home and in School who contributed to all these tremendous results, celebrate in style, enjoy the rest of the break and I'll see (most of) you in September.

S P Beeley



Welcome to Wellington School


Thank you for taking the time to view our website.  I would like to begin by saying what an absolute honour it is to be the Headteacher of such an outstanding school.  I relish the challenge of maintaining the exceptional standards established over many years and, indeed, moving Wellington forward in the future.

Wellington School is an 11 – 18 Academy with Humanities Specialism. Our motto is ‘Excellence in Everything’ and that is our aim in everything we do. To achieve this, high standards are expected of all our students and staff. All of our work is anchored in the values of mutual respect, responsibility, discipline, care for the individual and high achievement.

We are proud of our school and the achievements of our students, and our success is reflected in our popularity. High levels of student attendance and above average academic achievement – compared to schools both locally and nationally – are a clear sign of the value students and parents place on the experience of being part of Wellington School community.

We hope you enjoy our website and find it both informative and useful.

Stuart Beeley, Headteacher


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