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Issue 51

Friday 18th July 2014

Good afternoon.

Well, we made it!  It’s been a great term, a great year, but staff and students need a break and the chance to recharge the batteries and I’m sure everyone was looking forward to this day.  It has been a day of reflection, of celebration and of some sadness, as we say farewell to friends and colleagues.  At the end of school we gathered for a buffet and a few speeches to say goodbye to the following colleagues; from the teaching staff, Mrs Harte, Mrs Heaton, Miss Withers, Mr Fletcher, Mr Harpham, Mrs Gregory, Miss Workman, Mr McLean and Miss O’Neil all move on two pastures new and from our support staff Mrs Bolger and Dr Barclay begin fresh challenges in September.  We wish them all well.  Good luck also to Mrs Johnson and Mrs Lewis who begin maternity leaves today and Miss Seaston and Miss McEnroe who get married over the summer. 

If I could just wind the clock back to last Friday for a moment and congratulate the Year 11s who looked stunning and were a credit to themselves and the School at the Prom at the Britannia Airport Inn, Wilmslow.  It was our biggest guest list (might need another venue next year) of students and there were more staff in attendance than previously, an indication of the quality of the cohort.  I got there earlier than usual and it was lovely to see the students arrive in a range of weird and wonderful and stylish vehicles.  It was fantastic to see special guest Mr Pinkerton return from Cornwall and his efforts clearly haven’t been forgotten by our students.  Fingers crossed now folks for those results on 21st August.

So, just a few highlights from the final week of the Wellington year. 


Year 10 Enterprise day - Monday 14th July 2014

Mrs Taylor-Crooke writes; “The whole of Year 10were off timetable for an Enterprise event designed to develop the students’ entrepreneurial Yr 10 Ent 1.jpgand interpersonal skills.  Prior to the event all students had completed a psychometric assessment which allowed the company running the event to assign them to a role suitable to their attributes.  Roles included Managing Director, Finance Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager, to name just a few.  Students had to work togetheYr 10 Ent 2.jpgr in teams to build their own business and design and create their own product, negotiate with customers to market and sell their product and some students even presented their own advert/jingle to the year group (which they did with such confidence). One group even designed their own uniform and another produced an airport with aircraft marketed for the Armed forces.  All in all a great day was had by all.  Huge congratulations to the winning team of Lochlan Hall, Cameron Kemp, Amy Draper, Megan Haycocks, Joseph Shaw, Jolanta Naumowicz and Beth Johnston.”


Year 10 Armed Forces day - Wednesday 16th July 2014

“Wednesday 16th July saw the invasion of the Armed forces upon Wellington.  Year 10 were put through their paces working through an array of activities designeArmed Forces 1.jpgd to develop teamwork, interpersonal skills and overall physical fitness.  The students were also fortunate enough to receive careers input from the Forces’ representatives giving fantastic advice about the various opportunities for all levels of entry whether that be post GCSEs, A Levels or later.  The Students had a fantastic day, here is what they had to say…………


The army day was cool, we learned a lot about what the army do Armed Forces 2.jpgand what joining them involved. We took part in numerous activities that tested our teamwork skills and logical thinking. Our favourite though was kickball, which was really fun! Everyone was very kind and committed, and gave us a good idea of what the army would actually be like.”

10CSN had an exciting day working with the armed forces in a variety of tasks. They felt that it had changed their perception of what a life in the armed forces would be like, with many viewing it in a much more positive light. 10CSN enjoyed developing their teamwork and communication skills. A straw poll of the group produced adjectives such as ”adventurous”, “exciting”, “inspirational” and very “tiring”.

Overall it was a really enjoyable day, there was a wide range of activities and it made us work together as a tutor which we don’t do often. The citizen task was interesting and useful.


Overall, we found the day really enjoyable because we learnt a lot about the armed forces and also there were lots of activities which we got to do. We think the instructors were physically and mentally motivating, especially in kick ball with Foxy.  My favourite activities were the kick ball and Afghanistan talk because these helped us learn information and communication. 

Armed Forces 3.jpg10ARI

We learned to collaborate and communicate as a tutor group, despite finding that a struggle at the beginning of the day. We also achieved a lot as we were the first group to complete all three items in the Jerry can task and we did the tyre task in the least amount of moves; we were perfect! As a group, this gave us the opportunity to do things we’ve never done before and it gave us more confidence. We would recommend it to future year groups.”

Two great careers events from which Year 10 students will doubtless benefit, so a huge thank you must go to Mrs Mackay and Mrs Taylor-Crooke for their planning (done with military precision as always!).  Once again, the staff who came in to deliver these events couldn’t speak highly enough of our students.  The Armed Forces team, who have been involved in these school-based activities for 18 months, said we were by far the best school they had visited; not once did they have to rebuke a student.  Are we surprised?


Miss Hitchens was pleased to receive a certificate, signed by Angela Rippon (the parents will know who she is), this week from the Alzheimer’s Society acknowledging the excellent contribution BBC School Report has made to raising awareness about the disease. This is the proverbial ‘cherry’ on top of the cake and Miss Hitchens looks forward to signing the team up to next year’s initiative.


Caitlin Halfpenny from 7-5a produced some amazing papier maché figures of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn for her History homework. She has written a quick summary of what she did:

“A few weeks ago, 7-5A were learning about Henry VIII. I think he is an interesting character although he treated his wives very badly. I decided to bring history to life by making models of both Henry and his second wife, Anne Boleyn.

I made the models using papier maché and egg boxes. The egg boxes were used to make the heads and the papier maché was used for the bodies. To make the models sturdy I packed the insides with tissue. Once the bodies were formed I layered them with glue and tissue to give the models their shape. After everything had dried I drew the outline of their features in black ink and then I painted them. It needed six layers of paint to get really deep colours. I chose red for Henry to show his royal status and bravery. I drew yellow and green gems on his cloak to show how rich he was. I used yellow, blue and green for Anne Bolyen as I found out that these were her favourite colours. It took me six hours in total to complete the models.

I have made the whole collection of Henry’s wives. My little brother has taken some of them – I hope he hasn’t followed Henry’s example and beheaded them!”

Unfortunately, I deleted the email to which the photo of Caitlin’s lovely creations was attached and the History department have all left the site now so I can’t source another copy, but I can assure you they were fabulous.


Mrs Williams and her team tell me the Boppard trip (Germany) was once again “hugely successful”.  The students had a great time, actively used their language skills and enjoyed visits to a chocolate museum, Cologne Cathedral and castle, their Rhine Cruise and, of course, the Word Cup Final! What a time to be in Germany!  Thanks to all the staff who gave up their weekend to accompany the students; your efforts have been acknowledged by lots of parents.

Miss WeeksAWS1.jpg and Miss McShane had a very successful morniAWS2.jpgng today with the Year 4 & Year 6 pupils from Well Green Primary School for their International Day.  “Sixty four Well Green pupils came along and we had thirty Year 9 pupils leading the activities; they were amazing!  The pupils from Well Green learnt how to write in French handwriting, they ordered and bought food in German from the international café, sang and did the actions to head shoulders knees & toes in German, perfoAWS3.jpgrmed French dialogues with cuddly toys and learnt a Zumba routine.  A great morning was had by all and our Year 9 helpers were superb, a huge congratulations & thanks to them!”

And thanks also to Miss McShane and Miss Weeks.  This is fast becoming one of the highlights of our primary liaison programme.

Music (and drama)

Mrs Moorhouse tells me we’ve had a good response to our auditions for “Oliver” in October and all students who auditioned will be allocated a role of which they will have been notified this morning.  All the more major roles will be sent their scripts over the summer holiday so that they can learn all their lines before they return to School and rehearsals start on September 2nd.  I can’t wait for another spectacular production.

A big well done to all the students who completed their ABRSM instrumental exams this week. The group of string players that Mrs Moorhouse took to the Quaver Meeting House in Manchester all performed their pieces exceptionally well in the exam apparently; “it was the best group of students I’ve accompanied for these exams and I’ve been doing it for at least 10 years so again a huge well done.”  Praise indeed from Mrs M.

Congratulations to Ruby James and Katy Allan on getting into the Halle Youth Choir.  They’ve been asked to let us know when their concerts are so we can go along and support.  If any students are involved in any sort of musical or performance activities outside of school then please remind them to let Mrs Moorhouse know.

Physical Education

There has been no competitive sport for students this week but there was a Staff vs 6th form netball game.  Miss Richard’s provides this match report;STAFF VS 6TH FORM NETBALL.JPG

“To finish the year on a high we played our very first Staff vs 6th Form game.  The rain did not put us off and we had a great time.  Poor Mrs McDonnell was knocked over at the start of the game but carried on regardless.  With NQTs and a cheerleading squad of 6th formers the goals started raining in. The final score was 12-5 to the staff and we all look forward to next year’s re-match.

The staff dream team consisted of Miss Richards, Miss Hodges, Miss Rigby, Mr Fletcher, Miss Withers, Miss Tan, Miss Power, Mrs Haley and Mrs McDonnell (star players Mr Beeley and Mrs Thomson were unfortunately carrying injuries!)

The losing 6th Form consisted of Jess Fairhurst, Megan Edwards, Ellie McCauliffe, Jack Marshall, Paul Taylor, Ellie Mottram, Chloe Kay and Katie Firth.


Miss Davison would like to say a big WELL DONE to all of Year 8 in REP this year. They have had a new and improved curriculum and have completed all activities with enthusiasm and seemed to have enjoyed every lesson.  “A special shout out to my 8.1LSS1.jpga class this year… We have been looking at ‘gifts to the world’ from Islamic civilisations. 8.1a were asked to create their own gift they thought the world needed. The ideas and models built brought a tear to my eye and I had to invite Mrs Stephens and Mrs Jones to come and have a look. The ideas ranged from a wishing candle, an opinion box as everyone in the world deserves a say no matter what, a relaxation spray as well as a floating city to reduce population and overcrowding in areas of the world. Just goes to show how thoughtful, committed and kind our students are! Thanks 8.1a you have made my day!”

LSS2.jpgMrs Stevens feels that the Year 10 full course RE GCSE group has finished the year on a high by producing some fantastic independent projects on a variety of ethical issues. “The students chose their own topic of interest and then carried out research and included interviews with their family and friends about their views on each moral issue. Topics chosen include infertility treatments, bullying, global warming, abortion and euthanasia.

Mrs Jones and I are always extremely proud of their GCSE group but never more so than this week when these projects have been handed in for marking. They really do reflect hard work, dedication and ‘excellence in everything’. A well-deserved rest can now be had over the summer ready for the challenges of Year 11.”

Year 10

A final MTN1.jpg report of the year from MrTomlinson;MTN2.jpg

“On Friday 11th July, Year 10 went on their annual reward trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach.  We took 190 students to the park on a glorious sunny day.  We registered at 8.40am and were on our way up the M6 for arrival at 10.00am. The students were fantastic ambassadors for our school from minute one to the end, their conduct and pleasant attitude made the day so much more enjoyable - the staff weren't bad either.  In fact I think some of the staff (Miss Richards and Mrs Thompson) were more excited than the students running off towards 'The Big One' when we arrived. Valhalla (The wet ride as you can see from MrsRainford and Mrs Young in the pic)  was thMTN4.jpge first stop for many and Liam was well prepared for the ride, he obviously had inside knowledge . The day was thoroughly enjoyaMTN3.jpgble, from The Big One to Infusion and from Avalanche to Ice Blast - the students had a great day.  I certainly wouldn't recommend eating before a rollercoaster ride,  I don't know what Joe McGuinness (in the picture) was thinking before The Big One!.   All the students were on time for their checkpoints throughout the day and even had time to bring home a wide range of cuddly toys from the stalls (although I think Mr Armstrong was a little too happy with his minion!!)  It was a very quiet coach trip home as the students seemed to be exhausted from such an exhilarating day.  The quote of the day goes to Mrs Rainford who thought that there "were an awful lots of dips on that ride" on The Big Dipper!”


I’ll finish with a short “summer holiday” prayer I read out at the end of the gathering of staff this afternoon.

Long Warm days …

The pace of life slows …

A time for picnics and rest in the shade …


Help me to rest awhile

in the cooling shade of your presence.

Slow down my restless heart

and fill me with gentle compassion for all your people.


It just remains for me to thank you once again for your unstinting support of the School and our young people and to wish you a safe, happy and restful summer.

S P Beeley





Welcome to Wellington School


...and thank you for taking the time to view our website.  I would like to begin by saying what an absolute honour it is to assume the Headship of our Outstanding School, and I look forward to the challenge of maintaining the exceptional standards set by my predecessor, Mrs Armstrong, and moving Wellington forward in the future.

Wellington School is an 11 – 18 Outstanding Academy with Humanities Specialism. Our motto is ‘Excellence in Everything’ and that is our aim in everything we do. To achieve this, high standards are expected of all our students and staff. All of our work is anchored in the values of mutual respect, responsibility, discipline, care for the individual and high achievement.

We are proud of our school and the achievements of our students, and our success is reflected in our popularity. High levels of student attendance and above average academic achievement – both local and nationally – are a clear sign of the value students and parents place on the experience of being part of Wellington School.

We hope you enjoy our website and find it both informative and useful.

Stuart Beeley, Headteacher


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