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Friday 15th July 2016

Good afternoon and, well, here we are; the final bulletin of the year.  38 Friday afternoons / evenings, goodness knows how many hours, thousands of words, hundreds of events, activities and achievements featured, all being ‘put to bed’ for another year.  I would dearly love to spend a good while reflecting on the past 10 and a bit  months but, at this rate, I’m going to be late for the Year 11 Prom as it is.  I will pick a few bulletins at random over the hols to re-read as always, just to remind myself of some of the wonderful things that have taken place this year.  It is always an eye-opener as to how much we do manage to cram in above and beyond the ‘day job’.

An experience Mrs Copeland and I enjoyed on Wednesday epitomises this Wellington year.  We were invited to a Parliamentary reception in Westminster (an interesting day to be there, of course) to celebrate and discuss the work of the Teenage Cancer Trust, and what an experience it was.  The room was filled with MPs, members of the House of Lords, business leaders, the head of the NHS national cancer strategy, Roger Daltrey (of The Who fame), Lawrence Dallaglio (former England rugby captain), the Founder, Directors and staff of the TCT and most inspiring of all, Jane Sutton, ambassador for the TCT and mother of the teenager Stephen Sutton, who died in 2014 from cancer and whose fundraising and awareness raising exploits have done wonders for the charity.  His website has now raised £5.5 million! 

Wellington was one of only two schools invited in recognition of the money we raised and the subsequent cancer education programme in School.  Mrs Copeland and I came away feeling immensely proud of what the School had achieved and reminded that we had been part of something very special.  Our charity fundraising is unparalleled in school terms and is born out of a considerable team effort and a desire to do the right thing, to help others, to make a difference.  That is Wellington.

In a similar vein, I asked staff to share some thoughts with their tutor groups this morning about the horrific events in Nice last night. I haven’t seen any news today so am unsure of the latest.  I suggested to staff that we are in both a very privileged and highly influential role as teachers and it is our responsibility to preach the virtues of respect, tolerance and forgiveness, and to promote the school value of ‘community’.  Those who perpetrate such acts seek to divide societies by arousing fear, bigotry and paranoia.  We must teach our youngsters that they must not get their way. 

Staff graduation.JPGCongratulations to some of our staff this week as they received their ‘honours’ at the University of Manchester; Dr Chard received her Doctor of Education and Miss Latham and Miss Tyrer their Master of Education.  What was particularly nice was that former student Paul Jennings ‘graduated’ with a 1st class honours degree during the same ceremony.  What a clever bunch we are at Wellington.

With just one full week of term remaining there was no sign of the indomitable and indefatigable staff of Wellington slowing down.  On Tuesday evening, under the guidance of Mrs Shelley, staff gathered to feed back to each other on the research projects that they had been carrying out throughout the academic year.  “Staff had chosen specific areas of pedagogy to focus on and had been working with colleagues to develop their practice.  Feedback from the twilight session was overwhelmingly positive and testament to the hard work that staff have invested throughout the year.  A big thank you to all involved.”

Design & Technology

This from Mrs Ryan; “In September, GCSE Food Technology will be changing to become Food Preparation and Nutrition with the focus moving away from the designing aspect to look more in depth at practical skills and knowledge of individual ingredients and their functions as well asMRN WP_20160714_002.jpg their nutritional value.

As such, this week in Food Technology we have been designing a new logo that could be used in class booklets to promote these welcomed changes to the Food curriculum. Pupils in Years 8 and 9 proved to be very creative and produced some great ideas. As can be seen in the photograph, they all put a great deal of effort into the task. A special well done to Hamish, Luke, Greta, and Christos whose designs are shown.”


Mrs McDonnell updates us on some Year 8 work in English; “Students have been taking part in tutor ‘Book Buzz’ activities during the last two weeks of the term. They have been creating short stories of 251 words (a word for each student in the year group) about a variety of imaginative ideas. English and Technology teachers have been working alongside the tutor groups to produce some tales of delight and pop-up books. I am currently compiling all the final stories to be placed in an anthology for the LRC. What an exciting and creative time it has been and definitely one with a ‘buzz’ about it!”


Mrs Mackay’s careers programme (not to mention her enthusiasm and dynamism), like the Duracell bunny (dated reference, I know) outlasts DSC01932.JPGall others; “All Year 10  students were involved in  an ‘Enterprise Challenge’, which took place in school on the morning of the 11th July.

DSC01933.JPGThis activity is a practical introduction to the concept of business and enterprise, where Year 10 students were given the opportunity to work in teams in a ‘blue chip company’.  During the morning, they were able to experience some of the issues that companies face, such as production, time schedules, marketing, sales and finance.

Prior to the event the students completed a “Personal Profile Form”, which gave an indication of their strengths, working styles and skills. Students were then allocated specific job roles suited to their individual skills and attributes as a member of a particular company. The Challenge is intended to provide an opportunity for students to use their practical, problem-solving, DSC01937.JPGcommunication, decision making and presentation skills.

The students were also encouraged to use their own initiative and individual talents, whilst working as a team, as they were in competition to make the most profit. In order to do this, students negotiated contracts with employers, produced promotional materials, as well as DSC01970.JPGproducts that they presented to the panel of customers in a simulation of an industry supply chain. The students also had to manage their time carefully so as to meet the deadlines agreed in each financial quarter.

Year 10 certainly rose to the challenge and produced some excellent products that earned them large profits. The whole morning reflected their enthusiasm, tenacity, maturity and enjoyment.

The winning company was “Logic” and the team members: Freya Lees, Managing Director; Morgan Nelson, Finance Manager; Holly Tait, Sales Manager, Olivia Gaskin, Production Manager; Jordan Burrows, Thea Hunt, Megan Burns and Sam Gardner, Engineers. Very well done to all.

Our ‘thanks’ go to the employers involved, who gave up their time freely to take part in this event.

(And there’s more …)

Wednesday 13th July saw Year 10 involved in another the ‘Armed Forces and Healthy Living’ day.

This year we combined these two events and the day proved to be exceptionally successful. 

The day was split into 9 workshops, which included a variety of health related issues and activities provided by the Army, Royal Airforce and Royal Navy.  The students worked their way around the nine workshops and were able to encounter numerous experiences that all agreed were really enjoyable. 

Here are the thoughts of a couple of the tutor groups on the day:

‘10JEH spent their Wednesday participating in a variety of different activities. We learnt lots of team building and communication skills, which DSC01982.JPGallowed some of us to win time and time again, but we also had the opportunity to listen to various people telling us about future careers. The highlight for us was listening to Shaun Attwood talk about his life experiences, how he went from self-taught millionaire to spending over 6 years in prison in Arizona.  He taught us how breaking the law when he was younger, led him to repeatedly feeling like he was above the law – this all changed when he was arrested for dealing ecstasy in the U.S.  His real life experience shocked us all and we found his message very powerful. We also had the opportunity to get involved in a range of team building activities with the Army, Navy and the RAF. The girls managed to work as a team and move some equipment purely based on communication while the boys had a go at the climbing wall, Miss English even had a go and managed to get higher than a few of the boys!! Thank you to everyone who was involved – we had a really good day – a great end to Year 10!’

‘10JLM enthusiastically undertook all the activities on healthy living day. Highlights include games during the light-hearted STI and contraception lesson; hearing the first-hand stories of drug and alcohol abuse and attempting to cross the minefield to collect the medical supplies. Overall we had an interesting, varied day.’

‘10PCL enjoyed the rock climbing.’ ‘AFC Harrogate sounds like a good option for the future.’ ‘Team work makes a dream work!’ (Dan Jones) ‘Looking forward to reading Shaun’s book.’”


As Miss Edmonds comments, “It’s the final one until September! That’s gone quick!”

“This week we have three brilliant nominations from our Maths department to end the school year. From Key Stage Three we have Maciej Dworakowski (9SLS) in class 9.7. Dr Chard wished to say, ‘Maciej has worked hard throughout the entire year and it's been fantastic to see his mathematical skills come on in leaps and bounds. He's shown himself to be an independent thinker who tackles problems with a positive attitude in order to solve them. Well done Maciej on a fantastic year!’

Moving on to Key Stage Four, our first nomination goes to Adam Morris (10JLM) in class 10.2. Miss Cradick wanted to say, ‘Adam has worked really hard on the sketching quadratic topics and has started to produce an excellent poster.’ Last but not least, Mr Poole has nominated Eliona Ferizi (10AKY) in class 10.6, ‘Eliona has worked exceptionally hard during Year 10.  She participates well in lessons and her concentration and conscientiousness have both contributed to the progress she has made this year.  Well done Eliona!’ Well done to all of our Mathemagicians of the week, have a wonderful well-deserved summer break and we’ll be back with more nominations in September!”


Lots from MFL as always. 

Firstly from Miss Weeks; “On Tuesday 12th July, former Wellington pupil Paul Taylor kindly agreed to come back to the MFL department to talk to existing pupils about studying languages at university. Paul is now a student at Manchester University and has just finished his first year of his Joint Honours French & Spanish Degree (in which he got a First I might add!). He spoke to different groups of Year 10 pupils and the Year 9 dual linguist set about learning languages after school and the excitement of university life. Paul’s presentation was incredibly engaging and informative and pupils were keen to ask him lots of questions about going to university and the opportunities that can arise from learning a language. It goes without saying that the MFL Department are incredibly proud of Paul’s achievements and we are very grateful to him for giving up his time to come and speak to us. Good luck for the rest of your course, Paul, and we look forward to welcoming you back again soon!”

Mrs Williams, despite her fatigue after a late return last night, reports on the Boppard trip; “This week, 40 students from Year 7 & 9 and 5 staff JWS MFL.JPG(Mrs Williams, Mrs Gerschler, Mr Mani, Mrs Alllen and Mrs Roe-Bennett) spent an exciting few days in Boppard, in the Rhein area of Germany. We left school at midnight on Saturday and returned late on Thursday. Their adventures included visits to a castle and a fortress, trips on a cable car and a Rhine cruiser, shopping in the medieval town of Rudesheim, a tour of the amazing Cologne Cathedral and (Mrs Williams’ personal favourite) the Lindt chocolate factory. Fantastisch!!”

I’ve always loved going on school trips (I don’t get invited these days … can’t think why?!) but they are hard work with a huge weight of responsibility on staff, so a big thank you to those who made it possible for the youngsters to have this experience, especially at a time when they are on the verge of exhaustion.


Physicist-in-chief, Miss Lee, reports on a fabulous new venture; “Last week the A-level Physicists were very luckVLE DSC_0112.JPGy to spend 3 days in Switzerland and more importantly got to visit CERN, which houses the world’s largest particle accelerator. Our day at CERN started with an overview of Particle Physics and the work that was currently being carried out at CERN. This was followed byVLE DSC_0137.JPG a short tour, a visit to the microcosm exhibits, the all-important gift shop and finally a Cloud Chamber workshop. (Thanks again to Mr Holt for helping to arrange this extra special treat, which is widely sought-after!) The students were lucky enough to build their own Cloud Chambers and study the motion of sub atomic particles. Virginia, who was hosting the workshop, was particularly impressed by the knowledge that our students showed when they delivered their presentations to explain their findings.”

Mr Stafford reports on the Year 7 ‘Seeing Sounds’ Workshop on Wednesday;

“A group of Year 7 students visited the Museum of Science and industry and undertook a project to visualise sound waves. They used their knowledge of the pitch, frequency and amplitude of sound waves to record a variety of sounds from the museum, used software to edit them into a track and play them through a ‘Rubens Tube’ to visualise the soundwaves. The teams competed and were judged on the quality of their tracks, visuals and scientific explanations. Our Year 7 students really impressed the staff with their participation, enthusiasm and fantastic presentations.”

Year 7 news

Mr Fenwick, Deputy Head and event organiser, reports on a repeat of last year’s inaugural Year 7 ‘Project in a Day’, in which all Year 7 students took part.  “The normal timetable was suspended and students selected from one of 12 projects to take part in. The projects were extremely diverse and included art based projects, den building, fire starting, lego building, filming, hut construction and much more!  Students and staff had a great day, below are some comments from the staff involved (and a student).

Mrs Cook - Everything was Awesome, everything was cool cos we worked as a team; Year 7 were creative and resourceful and brimming with enthusiasm for all things Lego!

Miss Hitchens - ‘Happy’ was an understatement when it came to the amazing parody video of ‘Pharrell’s’ infamous tune that Miss Hitchens group made! Miss Hitchens had never seen so many delightful (and dodgy) dance moves; meanwhile, the fact that every basketball shot was netted first take is being investigated …

Mr Holt - Building dens, losing shoes in the mud, laughing, rolling down hills, climbing trees, falling over, getting splinters and not an electronic device in sight.

Miss O’Malley - Such an amazing day – all of the girls worked incredibly hard on their Manchester artworks. There was a lot going on and they all worked together like pros! I had a lot of fun, I hope they all did too!

Mrs Mcdonnell - My group craftily created some of the world’s most famous buildings using a variety of materials. The results were fantastic and showed ingenuity in design and a thoughtful approach!

Mr Tomlinson - So proud of our bunch of Bear Grylls today - they attacked the challenge really maturely and even found time to help some old ladies through the forestation back on track

Student - I enjoyed the whole day because we were able to do things that we’re not normally allowed to do!”

More about Year 7 from Director of Year, Mr Tomlinson; “On Monday we took over 180 Year 7s to Blackpool for their reward trip. They were Yr 720160711_160447.jpgfabulous and veYr 720160711_160309.jpgry respectful throughout the day. Mr. Pinkerton (our new Pastoral Manager) was blown away with the behaviour of the students and there was such a nice atmosphere when you saw them around the park. Some of the year group were endearingly naive having never been before -"Sir, how much is the big one?", " What do you mean we don't have to pay for any rides?" were among the questions on the way there. The number of cuddly toys won was ridiculous and I think the record for rides was 15 in the day. It was great and the excitement was clear to see. All students reported for the check point and then we had lunch - never have I witnessed anything Yr 7Mr. Pinkertons picture.jpglike  Mr. "Monster" Wright polish off 27 slices of pizza. We then had another walk round and our annual go on the Kentucky Derby - I think Mr. Pinkerton’s horse (see picture) was carryinSRU.jpgg a caravan as it seemed to struggle to get past half way each game. A thoroughly great day made even better by the conduct of our students.”

And finally from a rather proud Dr Ramaraju; “ Kudos to 7SRU for their great enthusiasm and dedication this year. They have been a fantastic tutor group and have settled in well to life at Wellington. Each and every member of the tutor group contributed in their own way towards good behaviour and wellbeing within the school community. They are an enthusiastic tutor group I would like to congratulate them for having the best attendance this year within the year group. See you all again in September!"  They are pictured here with their trophy for attendance.

Year 8 news

From Mrs Thomson; “On Wednesday this week ‘the sun shone on the righteous’… the Year 8s as they too enjoyed their Annual Reward Trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach.  This year, 186 excited young people departed with their pre-ordered, all- rides wristbands for a fun day at the seaside.  The children had a joyous day and were all wonderfully behaved.  No emergency calls for staff, no misbehaving, no litter on the coaches just a good time had by all.  Charlotte Till even managed to win herself a minion much to Mrs Thomson’s annoyance whose basketball skills fell short of netting her a Stuart Minion for the 2nd year running!  Birthday Boy Mr Gubbins celebrated another year older and wiser aboard the Big One, Mr James braved Infusion – narrowly scraping through the maximum height barrier.  Good job our pupils don’t speak high level Spanish as I believe the air was blue … Mr Travis broke his zero carb ‘my body is a temple’ and enjoyed a bag of doughnuts, Miss Spence managed some marking and Mrs Thomson was as proud as a peacock when the bus driver pulled up outside school and announced that it was seriously the best school trip he’d done! #proud #great Year 8!!”

“42 of Year 8’s most ‘Perfect Pupils’ gathered in Mr Travis’s classroom this week to enjoy a ‘Two for Tuesday’ Dominoes lunchtime special!  The students tucked into Pizza, chicken goujons, potato wedges and pop as an end of year reward recognising their 100% Attendance, excellent punctuality and impeccable behaviour.  Well done to all our Star Tutees – all polished off with not a crumb to spare for their hungry Director of Year!”

Many  thanks to the Year 8 team.

Year 9 news

Guess what?

A bit of déjà vu in Miss Tidbury’s report; “Year 9 have had a quintessential week of everything British. First up on Tuesday was a feast of 'fish n chips' for 35 100 per cent attendees for this academic year; a pretty impressive achievement, I am sure you would agree! A pretty impressive amount of chips were chomped through, and that was just Miss Tidbury's portion.  More importantly Miss Tidbury and Mr Manifould were also blown away by the gratitude of the students.  And as a result of such impeccable manners the year group were rewarded with glorious weather for the reward trip to Blackpool, our second 'Best of British' activity of the week. Mrs Jones was almost as excited as the students and Mr Manifould came home with a bag full of rock. Students had a fantastic day and Miss Tidbury would like to thank all staff who went to help Mr Manifould. Miss Tidbury would also like to add her thanks to Mrs Jones, who leaves for pastures new at the end of the term, for all her hard work with KJS, who are a credit to her.”

Miss Tidbury’s last line leads me nicely to bid farewell (in bulletin terms) to our staff leavers.  In reverse order of longevity of service they are Miss Hodges (Science technician), Mr Kennedy (Maths), Mr James (MFL), Miss Barsoum (Geography), Mr Wright (History), Miss Spencer (Art technician), Miss Tan and Miss Powers (Science), Mr Poole (Head of Maths) and Mrs Wright (true English dept legend).  We wish them all well on their courses, in their new schools, new careers or in retirement.  We are extremely grateful for all they have done on behalf of our students.  I could start eulogising about these colleagues but I shall leave that for another occasion.

It just remains for me to say thank you to all our Wellington parents who complete such a wonderful team for their support this year and for taking the time to read my ramblings each week for that matter.  I firmly believe we are, as a school, on the right path, but of course the journey never ends.  We are hopeful of great results again this summer but we are about so much more, and I hope my weekly reports have gone some way to doing justice to our culture and the achievements of our incredible students and staff.

This is my final bulletin of this academic year for those of you who have asked if there will be a bulletin on the last day of term.  Have a wonderful summer holiday, when it comes, and please keep safe

S P Beeley


Examination Results - August 2015

Congratulations to all the fabulous students and staff of Wellington School on another successful year of examination results.

It has been an emotion-filled morning as Year 11 students collected their GCSE results, with a record-equalling 76% achieving 5 A* - C including English and Maths (a figure set to increase over the coming weeks with closer analysis and requests for re-marks).

We are proud of each and every one of our Year 11 students and they should be proud of what they have achieved and how far they have come.  There are far too many personal success stories to quote here.  11 students this year got a full house of A* or A grades - a remarkable achievement.

These outstanding GCSE results follow last week's equally impressive A2 and AS Level results.  Our Year 13s once again did fantastically well with an increase in A* - E grades but particularly in the numbers achieving the highest A* - B grades.  Our Year 12 students exceeded their and our expectations, securing the School's best ever AS figures, which bodes well for A Levels in 2016!

Well done to everyone at home and in School who contributed to all these tremendous results, celebrate in style, enjoy the rest of the break and I'll see (most of) you in September.

S P Beeley



Welcome to Wellington School


Thank you for taking the time to view our website.  I would like to begin by saying what an absolute honour it is to be the Headteacher of such an outstanding school.  I relish the challenge of maintaining the exceptional standards established over many years and, indeed, moving Wellington forward in the future.

Wellington School is an 11 – 18 Academy with Humanities Specialism. Our motto is ‘Excellence in Everything’ and that is our aim in everything we do. To achieve this, high standards are expected of all our students and staff. All of our work is anchored in the values of mutual respect, responsibility, discipline, care for the individual and high achievement.

We are proud of our school and the achievements of our students, and our success is reflected in our popularity. High levels of student attendance and above average academic achievement – compared to schools both locally and nationally – are a clear sign of the value students and parents place on the experience of being part of Wellington School community.

We hope you enjoy our website and find it both informative and useful.

Stuart Beeley, Headteacher


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